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Collaboration and experimentation runs deep within every aspect of our relationships and working methodologies

Understand & Discover
Design & Validate
Develop & Launch
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Ways of Collaboration

Workshopping together
Unlocking potential together in our workshops. This is an innovative collaboration opportunity for you to get expert guidance. We set the foundation for your long-term success by fostering collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement within your organization.
Expertise extension
At our core, we are dedicated to supporting your team with our expertise. We offer our knowledge and resources to collaborate closely with you, assisting and empowering you to achieve exceptional outcomes. By working together, we aim to enhance capabilities and drive progress.
Project work
Interested in a short-term project or a long-term collaboration? Whether it's a focused, time-bound project or a deep, ongoing partnership, let's discuss your requirements and explore how we can realise a project together.
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Ready to get started today?

Take the first step with our Discovery Workshop! During this interactive session, we'll dive deep into your project, uncovering insights, defining goals, and aligning our visions.

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The Core Team

Alec Hanefeld, part of konekto's core team
Alec Hanefeld
Data Scientist & Software Engineer
Aymen Brahim, part of konekto's core team
Aymen Brahim
Full Stack Dev
Géro Sauerwein, part of konekto's core team
Géro Sauerwein
Digital Product Designer
Haithem Bel Haj, part of konekto's core team
Haithem Bel Haj
Frontend Dev with Backend Skills
Ina Ko, part of konekto's core team
Ina Ko
Product Owner
Nicolas Traeder, part of konekto's core team
Nicolas Traeder
Database Engineer & Backend Dev
Steffen Dietz, part of konekto's core team
Steffen Dietz
Product Owner & Full Stack Dev
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With a focus on social responsibility and earth-consciousness, we contribute to the overarching goal of creating a better future.