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We are a group of enthusiastic individuals committed to delivering inventive solutions and fostering a deep appreciation for the environment and social progress.

Values that drive us

Humans first
We prioritize a humans-first approach, advocating for well-being, dignity, sustainable development, and an Earth-centric perspective.
We are dedicated to upholding quality in everything we do, ensuring excellence and customer satisfaction through continuous improvement.
Innovation is our driving force as we continuously push boundaries, embrace new ideas, and strive for breakthrough solutions.

Digital products since 2017

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Meet the team

Alec Hanefeld, part of konekto's core team
Alec Hanefeld
Data Scientist & Software Engineer
Aymen Brahim, part of konekto's core team
Aymen Brahim
Full Stack Dev
Géro Sauerwein, part of konekto's core team
Géro Sauerwein
Digital Product Designer
Haithem Bel Haj, part of konekto's core team
Haithem Bel Haj
Frontend Dev with Backend Skills
Ina Ko, part of konekto's core team
Ina Ko
Product Owner
Nicolas Traeder, part of konekto's core team
Nicolas Traeder
Database Engineer & Backend Dev
Steffen Dietz, part of konekto's core team
Steffen Dietz
Product Owner & Full Stack Dev
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